SODA Hot Springs 炭酸泉

A mystery—a dip in a hot spring makes you look younger つかると若返る、という「神秘」

Soda hot springs contain carbon dioxide.
The soda spring in Nagayu Onsen in Taketa City has a high carbon dioxide concentration,
which places it among the best in Japan.


Feel the efficacy 効能を実感する

It is scientifically proven that the soda spring baths at Nagayu Hot Spring are effective in reducing blood pressure and vascular inflammation. In addition, it has recently been shown that drinking soda spring water helps prevent high blood glucose levels that can lead to all kinds of diseases.


Enjoy history and literature 歴史や文学を鑑賞する

Some say that Nagayu Hot Spring has been used for more than two millennia to alleviate fatigue and disease. Famous Japanese from history who visited here expressed their delight in poetry (tanka and haiku). It is fun to stroll around the neighborhood to find monuments with these poems inscribed on them.


Enjoy interacting with local residents 地元の人と触れ合う

Local residents call public baths sotoyu. While you can enjoy the benefits of hot spring waters in a private bath, it’s great fun to visit the public baths and enjoy conversations with the locals.