A panoramic view created by the ancient volcanic activity 太古の火山活動がつくり出した大パノラマ

Located in the heart of Kyushu and surrounded by famous mountains,
Taketa City has one of the most spectacular plateaus in Japan, Kuju Plateau.
Repeated eruptions of Mt. Aso and Mt. Kuju in the distant past produced pyroclastic flows
that formed the current gentle plateau.


Enjoy the wonderful scenic view 「奇跡」の景観を愛でる

Dry grass on Kuju Plateau is burned in March of each year in an activity called noyaki. It’s a traditional way to keep the meadow beautiful. It promotes the healthy growth of vegetation and creates a wonderful scenic view that has been protected by generations of residents.


Stroll through the relaxing landscape 癒しの景観を歩く

Beyond the meadow, you can see Mt. Aso, the pride of Oita’s neighbor, Kumamoto Prefecture. Roll down the meadow, watch the cattle grazing on the grass and feel the gentle breeze against your face. The experience will leave you speechless.


Delicious spring water 美しい湧水を食する

The spring water from Kuju Plateau is deliciously fresh and free of contaminants due to the plateau’s elevation, which varies from an impressive 600 to 1,100 meters above sea level. There are some spots where the water can be tasted directly. Also, agricultural products and sake made with delicious spring water from the plateau are very popular.

600-1,100 m の標高に広がる久住高原に湧き出る水は、その標高ゆえに人為的汚染のない良質さを誇ります。湧き出る水を直接味わうことができるスポットがあるほか、このあたりに豊富に湧き出る水を使用してつくられる高品質の酒や農作物が有名です。