Kamisakata Magaijinzou(Rock-carved statue) a historical site of Taketa City

The Miyagi area is famous for the Ameushi Waterfall. A large statue is carved into the rock wall on the right side of the stone cave where the Shinmeisha shrine is located in the Miyagi area. The shape of the statue suggests a raven-tengu, with a human face, an exaggerated nose and large feathers on either side of the shoulders.

It is thought to have been carved in the 1853s.

If this is tengu worship, it is thought that Sarutahiko-no-mikoto, who guided the gods in the Tensonkorin (the descent to earth of the grandson of the sun goddess) , was replaced by a tengu. The belief in the role of calming and purifying the land also suggests a connection with the tengu belief in Mt Hikosan.

Location: 719 Kamisakata, Taketa, Oita Prefecture
A car or a taxi is needed to get there. Please use the parking lot at the Ameushi waterfall, which is about 20 minute walk away.
Location of Ameushi waterfall: 103-1 Kamisakata, Taketa City