Ichimochi horizontal ancient tombs

This group of ancient tombs is thought to date from the late Kofun period (around the end of the 6th century).

Surveys have confirmed 11 ancient tombs, but some of them have collapsed, and only about 8 of them can be identified as ancient tombs.

One of the tombs has a gable-roofed carving above the entrance, called a “senmon,” which is said to have been carved in later times to hide the principal image of the Ichimochi-tenmansha Shrine during the war.

Originally, there was a lid on the tombs, and the groove at the entrance to the gate could be seen as a mark where the lid was inserted.However, there is no lid now, and nothing remains inside the tombs. It is said that this is due to theft.

(The entrance to the gate is 60 cm square, and the inside of the chamber that holds the remains is approximately 1 m high and 2 m wide and deep.)

Location: 236 Ichimochi, Taketa City, Oita Prefecture
There is no public transportation to reach the ancient tombs.